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Letterle is an alternative to Wordle. There is a little difference between these two amazing games.

In Wordle, you have to guess a five-letter hidden word having five attempts, but in Letterle, you have multiple attempts to find a single letter. In other words, letterle has as many attempts as the English alphabet.

If you have tried and consider yourself excellent at Wordle, then you should try this game too.

This article will cover everything you need to know about this interesting Letterle game.

Let’s start.

What is Letterle

Letterle is a straightforward and easy game; you need to find a letter of the alphabet as soon as you guess the hidden letter, and it’s done. In the end, a summary shows how many attempts you have tried to find the hidden letter. You can also share this summary with your friends.

After the popularity of the Wordle- Word Based vocabulary game, many such games have been invented, attracting people of all ages. Letterle is one of them.

Unlike other games, you don’t need any strategy to win this game, but you should have good luck.

How to Play Letterle?

Follow the steps below to play Letterle:

Visit the Game Site

Many versions of Letterle are available on the web; you can visit the Letterle website to play the game.

Look into the Interface

The interface of letterle will appear. It is very simple and easy to understand. You can play it on mobile, tablet, or Laptop; it is compatible with every device.


Select a Letter

If you are playing this game on Laptop, you can guess the hidden letter by entering an alphabet from the keyboard while using your on-screen keyboard if playing on a mobile device.

Check the Highlight Colour

If the colour of the entered letter becomes GREY, it means you have missed the attempt to guess the right letter. In contrast, the GREEN colour shows the correct answer.

There are only two options for your attempts: Right or Wrong

(Like Wordle, there is no Yellow Highlight colour that shows the letter is in the hidden word but in the wrong place in Wordle)

Avail Next Attempt

Enter another letter and repeat the previous step. You have 26 attempts to guess the right letter.

Continue entering different letters again and again until you win.

Try Your Luck

It is totally a luck-based game. Instead of entering letters of a row, you should try to enter letters at different locations on the keyboard to check your luck.

Share Your Result

After the successful attempt, you can share your result with your friend by clicking the Share icon.

Features of Letterle

The Letterle has the following key features:

letterle features

Simple & Easy

As you can see, its interface is straightforward and user-friendly, and no strategy is involved in playing this game. So due to its simple, easy, and user-friendly interface, it’s fun for people of all ages.


The game does not require much time to play and win. The game is solved as soon as you guess the letter correctly. So you can play a lot in a short time.

Free to play

It is free. You don’t need any kind of subscription to play it. You can play it on any device, such as mobile, Laptop, PC, or tablet.

Play endlessly

As you know, in Wordle, you can only guess a single word daily. The next word is available on the next day. There is no such restriction in this game. You can play letterle and guess the alphabet as often as possible.

Result Sharing

If you have solved this puzzle in minimum attempts, you can share this result with your friends on social media.

letterle result

Other games similar to Letterle

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Taylordle: A word game inspired by the singer. In taylordle, you have six chances to guess a five-letter word related to Taylor Swift.

Cloudle: A daily weather forecasting guessing game to guess the weekly weather.

Foodle: Foodle is the food-themed Wordle spin-off that only features five-letter food-related words as answers.

Quordle: This game consists of four-word challenges that must be solved simultaneously, so it is quite the head-scratcher!

Heardle: It is an excellent alternative for music buffs who want to test their music knowledge. This game plays a small snippet of an intro to a song and asks players to guess which song is playing.

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